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Founded in 1994 by managing partner Mário Luiz
(in memorian), the company Bersul Radiadores currently serves customers throughout Brazil, as well as throughout Mercosul, from different segments. Currently, with a strong supply of radiators for railway lines, heat exchangers, aftercoolers and oil coolers, but in the process of expanding to other industrial sectors.
We produce radiators for concrete mixers, hydraulic presses, competition radiators, but with specialization in special projects and heavy machinery (according to project analysis). 
Our production has a qualified workforce, strong quality control in
the entire production process, as well as the use of certified raw material (copper
and aluminum), own equipment and tools developed in our own headquarters.
Equipment 100% ecologically constructed, free of lead and tin, having its process of fixing the pipes in the fins and flanges through mechanical expansion.

Our products are subjected to severe technological and quality tests,
making them reliable, durable and secure. We always seek to innovate, to ensure better quality in our products, thus meeting the needs of our customers and partners, strengthening and also contributing to the growth of our
industrial market.

Before, during and after renovation

Bersul Radiadores Ltda -  Rua Cyro Correia Pereira, 667 Blocos 10,11 and 12C - Condominio Industrial  

Neighborhood: CIC

Curitiba - Pr  -  Cep: 81170-230    - _cc781905-5cde- 3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_E-mail: 

Commercial:  Tel: +55 (41) 3332-2433 


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